ATT : All Nail Techs

We want you to try our Acrylic and Gel Polish.

So we are offering you a Gel Ombre or Acrylic Ombre Workshop FREE.

This will be offered across SA at multiple locations in June and July 2019.

Kits are included with the Workshops, and certificate.

For Gel Ombre .. bring your Gel Lamp with.

For Acrylic Ombre .. bring your Acrylic Brush with.

Registration fee per workshop is R99.00

email : training@planetnails.co.za for more details and the registration form. (remember to include your area)

1st Workshops

Princess Crossing (JHB West) :  3 June 2019 (registration now closed)

Westwood (JHB East)  : 10 June 2019 (registration now closed)

Waverley, Pretoria   : 4 June 2019  (registration now closed)

VDB Park  :  5 June 2019  (registration now closed)

Strand, Cape Town  :  24 June 2019   (Registration now open)

COMING SOON ..  Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, .. new workshop dates to follow.

These products are included in the Gel Ombre Workshop.

These products are included in the Acrylic Ombre Workshop.