This is by far the most common question we receive. Once the gel has cured on your nail under the UV or LED light, it will still have a tacky layer on the top. This needs to be removed with finishing wipe (a liquid) using a nail wipe. This will remove the tacky layer.

The prices should all be the same as what is shown on the pricelist. If you experience problems, please let us know so we can follow up for you.

We make use of a courier service for deliveries. Please send us a message with your details and we can follow up for you. Normally delivery to main cities takes 1 day and for outlying areas 2-3 days.

Unfortunately not. All fees are payable before the course starts.

Unfortunately not. We make use of a courier service. Their job is to deliver goods and they are not allowed to accept money on behalf of other parties. Please try visit your closest Planet Nails shop. Seeing the products before you buy will make you feel more confident about ordering on-line.

There are two types of gel .. soak-off and buff-off. Buff-off is much more durable and will not soak off in acetone. One also gets finishing products like our UV Glaze which create a high gloss protective layer which can be hard to break. It always helps to use a nail file to “break the seal” on the gel before soaking in acetone. Do this by filing away the top layer of product on each nail.

This problem is generally caused by incorrect preparation of the nail bed before applying product. Gently buff the nail and if possible, make sure to use a primer, nail prep or bond-it. This clears the nail bed of moisture and natural oils and prepares it for maximum adhesion. Not capping the front edge of the nail with product also leaves a weak spot which will allow the product to lift.

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