2019 Workshops

R 3,299
Individual + Cluster Lashes
R 1,299
Cluster Lashes
Starter Kit
R 1,299
Brow Shape + Lash/Brow Tint
Starter Kit
R 1,299
On Natural Nails / Silicon Mat
Starter Kit
R 2,099
French + Art Nails
Starter Kit
R 2,399
Blending + Removal + Filing
Electric File
R 1,299
Starter Kit
R 2,399
Starter Kit
R 2,399
Reverse + Sculpture
Starter Kit
Dipping Tray
R 799
Use of Dipping Tray
No Products
R 1,599
Overlays + Tips
Starter Kit


To Attend
Need Prior Experience
Bring Along
Gel or Acrylic Course
Gel/Acr Products
Gel or Acrylic Course
Dipping Tray Workshop
Powder & Resin Gel

Registration Forms have all the information you need about our Training.

Confirm Course Date and Venue. Complete a Registration Form.

Return completed Registration Form + proof of payment to us.

Request a copy of completed Registration Form, you need it for Exams.

When paying for Training, request a receipt as proof of payment.

Do not arrange to do other things during your confirmed Training Dates.

Do not book Training if you have dentist / doctor or any other appointments.

Training must be attended in Full. Training is from 9am – 4pm on weekdays.

You need live models during the Training. Info provided on Registration Form.

We do offer Training on Saturdays, it takes longer and it costs more.

After you attend Training, you have to complete 50 Practical Hours per system.

You must note your Practical Hours on a Portfolio of Evidence.

The Educator will provide a POE (Portfolio of Evidence), use it to record Practical Hours done.

You must also complete a Colour Portfolio of your work done.

All Portfolios gets handed in on the day of your Exam. It does not get returned to you.

No POE’s – No Exam. More information is provided on the Registration Form about POE’s.

When you completed a Colour Portfolio and your Practical Hours, you can book for your Exam.

The POE and Colour POE is part of your Exam.

When you do a Course, you have a Theory and Practical Exam.

When you do a Workshop, you only have a Practical Exam.

We have 4 Exam Dates per year. January, April, July and October.

Exam Venue may differ from Training Venue, and will be confirmed when you book for your Exam.

The Exam Fees are R550 per system if attended within 12 months of completion of the Training.

The pass rate for Exams are 80% to receive a Certificate.

For Exam Bookings email training@planetnails.co.za

More information is provided on the Registration Form.

Complete a POE and Colour POE. More information is provided on the Registration Form.

If you complete a Theory and Practical Exam, and you are found competent, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Certificates takes 4 weeks to issue.

Please let me know what Course you want to attend, and where you are located, then I can assist you with Training Dates.

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For Training Dates and Venues, please email us letting us know where you are based .. training@planetnails.co.za

For Training Dates and Venues, please email training@planetnails.co.za with the following information:
Where are you located
What Course do you want to attend
When do you want to attend the Course